Hello everyone,

As you see, we just got ourselfs a new blog, an easier way to let you know important announcements, any changes done to this website and so on.
Speaking of changes, as you may be noticed already, we changed our Shortlink system a little bit. From now on, shortlinks views are no longer reset at midnight, they are reset after 24 hours from last visit, for each shortlink individually. So let's take by example Shortlink X, if you complete it today, at 16:00, this shortlink will be available again tomorrow, at 16:00. We've made those changes because our server time doesn't match with those shortlink's servers times and in this gap, we're loosing important views done by you. By loosing them, we lose money and we need those money to pay you, as we did so far.

Maybe some of you don't like these changes, but these changes won't affect your revenue in any way. You will have the same amount of shortlinks available daily.

Also, we improved our system to prevent and detect fraudulent activities like using VPN / Proxy servers or any attempt to bypass shortlinks. If you want us to be legit and to pay you on time, as we did so far, we expect from you to be honest and avoid any attempt of cheating. If you do try to cheat, we will catch you and will ban you, I'm sure nobody want that.

Best Regards!

Views: 3,200 | Comments: 10 | Date: 16 May 2019 16:32