Hello everyone,

I come with some good news for you, this website just got several improvements. Besides security and performance improcements, we've done some changes that I believe some of you will enjoy.

PTC Improvements
Now, if you want to advertise your website or maybe some referral / affiliate URL using our PTC system, you can double your pageviews and increase your conversion rate, by paying only 15% more. All you have to do, when you create your PTC Campaign, is to thick Redirect page after completion checkbox, in this way, everytime when our users are seeing your PTC Campaign, after they complete it, they will be redirected to your URL.

FaucetHub Deposits
Many of you requested me to add deposits into your Purchase Balance (funds used to advertise, upgrade membership or even to play on lottery), by sending me funds thru FauceHub. Now, it is way easier to do so and it takes less than a minute. All your have to do is to select FaucetHub as method on deposit, you will receive a code that must be entered on FaucetHub chat (code used to tip me) and as soon as you send the tip, our system will check and proccess your transaction, by automatically adding funds into your Purchase Balance, in less than 10 seconds.

Anti-Adblock System
I know this won't be good news for some of you, but we have added a system that lock down your access to website, if you're using AdBlocks. We do know that ads are annoying for everyone, but you have to understand that those ads are bringing revenue to us. From those revenues, we're paying you. If you use AdBlock, we get no revenue and without revenue, we won't be able to pay you. What do you prefer, to use this website without seeing a single ad and never receive a payment, or to see some ads that you can ignore, but receive your payment on time? I'm sure we all know the answer.

Those are 3 main improvements that were applied to this website, there are many small improvements applied and plenty of new features are going to be added soon. This website was launched more than 6 months ago, was improved week by week, it is growing day by day and we never missed a payment to any of you, we did sent over 3000 payments, all of them on time. I want to thank you all for being part of this website and I do hope to remain active.

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