Hi ClaimBits family !

Firstly, I wish everyone good health in this difficult period.
After months when we bought ClaimBits from previous owner I can say that ClaimBits is now in really good condition. Few old members leaved website but the majority of old members after few days and missunderstanding are now satisfied how ClaimBits work. Everyone can see that sometimes we offer for limited time 1 minute claim promotion and this can be possible only if website is in good health. 

We try improve system everyday but today was changed some small minor changes and here is summary:
  • lottery - basic reward is incresed to 5000 BITS and lottery ticket now cost 5 BITS ! Try everyone luck and buy some tickets ! Click here !
  • for advertisers was changed PTC packs. Basic PTC timer will be 10 seconds and price is decreased to 4 satoshi per view and we added also new pack with 60 second timer for 15 satoshi ! Click here for advertise !
  • last month was added new survey option CPX Research which is very popular and I recommend - try it and earn some more bits !
  • and many small changes behind the scene...
Now we have special offer for advertisers - we offer 10% deposit bonus for each deposit until 31.11.2020 ! Bonus will be credited manually to purchase balance after deposit will be confirmed.

ClaimBits is bigger like before and we will continue with our work ! 

Stay strong !

ClaimBits team

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